Kevin Woodward

  Free is a CD collection of 14 tracks (Total Time: 58:35) by folksinger, Kevin Woodward.
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The following people contributed time and effort to the production of this CD:

DAN BEVERIDGE: Keyboard, hammond organ
DENNIS FERBEY: Acoustic bass
MIKE JONES: Backup vocals, banjo
JOHN PIMM: Electric guitar, backup vocals
LES WEISS: Percussion
MAGGIE WOODWARD: Backup vocals
ROSE WOODWARD: Backup Vocals
CO-PRODUCERS: Dennis Ferbey and Kevin Woodward
ENGINEER: Dennis Ferbey
Canadian Concepts Ltd.
MASTERING: Media Magic Inc.
GRAPHICS: Media Magic Inc.

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Womanchild (4:00) Carole Etzler, SISTERS UNLIMITED INC.
About the time my daughters were born, I heard Faith Petric sing this song at the Victoria Folk Music Society. Whenever I sing Womanchild, I still see Rose and Maggie looking out of their cribs at me as we ended the day with some music. I will sing for my girls as long as I can sing. Thanks to Carole Etzler for your beautiful song.


Hear a sample of this song with RealAudio(TM) What Do They Make in Ottawa (3:29) Michael Marker, arrangement by Kevin Woodward
Mike Marker wrote the original version of this song, and I added the Canadian content. I find singing this song very therapeutic, as politician bashing is our national pastime, and they deserve it.


Seven Daffodils (3:46) Fran Moseley, Lee Hayes, SANGA MUSIC INC(BMI)
My first folk experience was an old hi-fi record in my parent's record cabinet called Tonight in Person, The Limeliters. I knew every word, note, and scratch on that record. This song was my favorite off that album.


Mindso (4:05) Kevin Woodward, KW MUSIC (SOCAN)
When I began to read nursery rhymes and stories to my girls, I fast became aware that so much of what we expose our children to is not a reflection of the world that I want my girls to grow up in. Maybe more of the responsibility for the troubles in our world rests with me ... a parent.


Hear a sample of this song with RealAudio(TM) Henry the Accountant (4:59) Paul Kaplan, PAUL KAPLAN MUSIC (ASCAP)
I suppose that it is a weird combination being both a Chartered Accountant and a folksinger but that is what I am. This song speaks of a battle with technology and frankly as computer chips get smaller and faster, and the income tax act gets thicker, I have a lot of empathy for Henry. Thanks to Paul Kaplan for your inspiration and to Jill King for finding the song for me.


Hear a sample of this song with RealAudio(TM) Freya (4:40) Kevin Woodward, KW MUSIC (SOCAN)
I am an avid boater and spend many happy days boating off the coast of Vancouver Island. My friend Sean is a regular boating companion and owned an amazing sailboat, named Freya. We had some wonderful trips with the Freya until practicality overcame Sean and he sold her. I wrote the first two verses of this song trying to convince Sean to keep the boat and the last verse some time later. The song is a true story and I dedicate it to Sean Carrigan.


Children That are Hers (4:31) Words-unknown, Music by Kevin Woodward, KW MUSIC (SOCAN)
My daughters brought home a Mothers Day card from their play-school with this poem inside. I searched high and low and could not find the author. I put the poem to music with a little poetic license, and I dedicate this to my wife Judy, and all mothers and fathers who have had the joy and responsibility of being stay-at-home parents.


Hear a sample of this song with RealAudio(TM) Here's to the Kids Who are Different (2:21) Words by Digby Wolfe, Music by Kevin Woodward (ASCAP) - All Rights Reserved
I found this poem in an obituary in our local newspaper and wrote the music to go with it. My kids love to sing this one.


I'll Meet You Halfway (4:03) T.R. Richie, WHITEBARK MUSIC(BMI)
I consider it a privilege to record one of T.R. Ritchie's songs. He is an amazing songwriter and this is one of his finest.


Grandma's Letter (5:40) Byron Walls, WB MUSIC, (ASCAP)
I am fortunate to have had the influence of grandparents in my life and have watched helplessly as they aged and died. This song originally recorded by one of my heroes, Glen Yarborough, captures the beauty and the pain of growing old.


Hear a sample of this song with RealAudio(TM) The Pancake Song (3:46) Kevin Woodward, KW MUSIC (SOCAN)
Every folksinger needs a song that is autobiographical in nature and this is mine. Being the oldest of three boys, it was of course up to me to train our parents. During this training process, it is alleged that once my mother said that she wished children were like pancakes so you could throw the first one away. She denies that she ever said this but it was too late. The song was already written.


Flowers are Red (5:07) Harry Chapin, CHAPIN MUSIC (ASCAP)
This is probably my all time favorite song by one of my all time favorite artists. Harry may be gone but his songs live on and this one speaks of the free flowing spirit and and creative imagination of a child.


Survivors (3:59) John Stewart, SIX CONTINENTS MUSIC PUBG Inc. arrangement by Kevin Woodward
John Stewart is one of my all-time favorite folksingers. I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it as it expressed so well the love and passion I feel for my country. I am grateful to him for allowing me to change the lyrics from the original version. I sing this song for a diverse and united Canada.


When I Can't Play (3:30) Joan MacIsaac, MAD MANSION MUSIC (PROC)
Many years ago, I was the opening act of a terrific Canadian folksinger named Joan MacIsaac. She sang with incredible warmth and energy and I will always remember her. She left us at far too young an age but her music lives on. Please sing along...


Total Time: 58:35